Double-wall contexture Example of construction


World double walls log house

This building was completed in March, 2020 in one year and about three months after a design. This building was double walls loghouse
about the contexture of the outer wall, and by strengthening earthquake resistance and refractoriness,
it was safer and I established it as healthy mental clinic by the healing effect of native wood.
The feature of the building has accumulated double walls from first floor to secound floor.
And I used together the diameter log of a large and straight angle material of handmaid processing according a roof truss to handmade billder.
I have employed the traditional craftsman's technology efficiently.
When a section sandwiches an 87-mm air layer (filled up with thermal insulation) between the double walls which are
113mmx190 mm, the composition of the double wall enabled practical use of  medium size diamater wood (18cm~30cm) comparatively, and has produced the bigger heat insulation effect.
The technology of Double walls log house is built to Awaji-shima
at the Awaji great earthquake in 1995, and the earthquake-proof performance is already proved.
Please refer to thinned wood.
Log house Japan style

EURO LOGHOUSEハンドメイドログハウス設計
Log house culture Log house innovation
Granary log house:The door to MSFT

二重壁構造ログハウス2階建て工法にHandmaid log frame を結合してハイブリットログ工法化
Log house innovation 2020
Log house construction contest log house design competition 2021 highest award Work
Crystal of the log house technology of Europe, log house technology of Japan,
and a traditional method of construction Log house design to medical facilities
The 2021 fiscal yea
Japan log house assosiation

Certificate of meritMinister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport prize (log house grand-prix) work   
Clinic of a double-wall contexture log house








一字一句、この名言が正しかったかは覚えてはいないが、いつも思い出す文芸評論家 亀井勝一郎の言葉である。

Although accompanied by pain, that we produce new technology supports to hunky-dory friends, it always corrects directivity, and holds something new.

Be related with construction.

Nikon DX ED Fisheye correcting (No) > FMC 3D Archi Designer 10 Professionl >Picture PHone 11 pro Max correcting (No)>Nikon DX ED Fisheyecorrecting (No)
Pillar of Mind
Please carry out Google search with the pillar of the mind (心の柱:kokoro no hashira) if you please.

The main pole(心の柱:kokoro no hashira) in front of on the south chose 能登ヒバ:Notohiba, in order to express the deep veneration and medical idea
which an owner's tree receives.
Japanese people are also called アスナロ:asunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata) -- growing up being twisted from a wooden special feature,
the beauty of the skin has a special thing. And I am considered as the symbol to the hope from the characteristic of this tree.

This building united the trees of Japan with a hunky-dory special feature of Japan, and a Northern Europe pine with easy,
and also I used the material of the roof truss using the special feature of 能登ヒバ:Notohiba and 木曽桧: Kiso cypress
which are said to be the strongest to the climate in the strongest U.S. pine and Japan which can suppress slack of a tree as much as possible.
which became a central pillar inherited the material of the strongest kind from the timber company with the tradition
能登ヒバ:Notohiba which has supplied the shipbuilder of Ishikawa Prefecture for many years also in 能登ヒバ:Notohiba.
That our company was scrupulous to the last is 西岡 常 (Tunekazu Nishioka) who was rising without giving a crack to a central pillar
as much as possible. Much language of 棟梁(chief support):touryou is always mottoes. I was.
From the structure of the frame of the central pillar of 三重 塔:sanjyu no tou> the three-storid pagoda.

Biliography:薬師寺三重塔 Google & 西岡 常一(Tunekazu Nishioka)
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I supported seduced with the point as the one upper part in the idea which became independent of the wall contexture of the double-wall contexture of a substantiality.
And in spite of opposition from everybody, I carried out involvement of a bottom store roof without involvement, and started it valiantly straightly.
It is not allowed to wound the central pillar which accepts the soul of a building to the last.

The photograph of a cornerstone cut & and flaming

I chose the local stone, and I choose a cornerstone, and it is a stone disc saw and I had it process the stone suitable for form
with a diameter of 56 cm of the bottom end of a pillar at a stone processing place.
A double-wall contexture log house is from the difference in the amount of loads of the top material of the material itself,
if the compatibility of the layout of the complexity and the bearing wall of the first or second floor is not given.
To the second floor floor which the difference in seduced sedimentation velocity produces, since a gap comes out from a preterite experience 25 mm,
cautions are required. (That is, non-land produces to the floor of the second floor.) Although another is a natural thing,
it is the construction technology in which I do not produce the seduced gap of the bearing-wall double log portion which I arrange in parallel.
The double-wall contexture log house built about 26 years ago in Awaji-shima made even the first floor the contexture,
and the loft portion was a traditional method of construction, and was the built building.
The greatest effect was the toughness and the heat insulation effect on an earthquake.
This building has a complexity numbers of times, and is maintaining every several months still now.
Fukushima mental clinic also has warm fine correspondence carried out to our correspondence, and is maintaining the building together.
You have to maintain the log house, setting the heart to one and valuing a mutual confidential relation.


南側正面のメインポールは、オーナーの木の対する深い敬愛と医療理念を表現するために、能登ヒバを選択した。アスナロ(Thujopsis dolabrata)とも呼ばれ、

最後まで弊社がこだわったのが、心柱に出来るだけ傷をつけないで、立ち上げることだった、西岡常一(Tunekazu Nishioka) 棟梁の数々の言葉が常に座右の銘に

断熱効果>二重壁構造ログハウスの熱貫流率 U値を計算
断熱効果:Insulation effect:Insulation>the themal transmissin rate of a double-wall contexture log house
>U値:Overail heat transfer coefficient

Tips:Please search a material coefficient with a themal transmission coefficient if you please.

U値=1÷熱抵抗率:Thermal resistance(m2K/W)=1÷(建材全体の厚さ÷各建材の素材の熱伝導率:Thermal conductivityの総合計((W/mk)


∴Total Double walls thickness:113㎜(Log material thickness)+Cellulose insulation +113mm(Log material thickness)

外気側 表面 >熱 伝達 抵抗値 0.04
outdoor surface>resistance of heat transfer 0.04

Log material 0.113/0.12=0.94166666666
Insulation 0.087/0.04=2.175
Log material 0.113/0.12=0.94166666666

室内側 表面> 熱 伝達 抵抗値 0.11
indoor surface>resistance of heat transfer 0.11
∴熱貫流率( heat transmission coefficient) U値は0.238(W/m2K)

A settlement of the thermal insulation of a window >The sectional view of a triple window
It is a method good for the balance of the opening of a wall
that a double-wall log house manufactures the fittings set by wall thickness

Double slide doors detail

Doors drawing processing edit CS6.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max
Light exposure integration photoshop CS6

In order to heighten the heat insulation effect more from the result of this figure, rather than introduction of an intermediately
air layer thickens thickness of the log material itself
It turns out that I induce a bigger effect. Moreover, I become usable [ byway material ] and the ease of treating and a QC become easy.
Moreover, introduction of an intermediately air layer will induce the various practical use effects.
A technical term is Google or a MSFT, and please search and check it.
Information is common property, and also if it serves as a step of the improvement in technical, it is happy.
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専門用語はGoogle もしくはマイクロソフトで、検索して確認してください。
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(Finlandのヘルシンキ郊外の湖に立つ 自然主義者Pekka Halosenの住まいだった現在のHalosenniemi Museum

Fukushima Mental Clinic



西岡常一著書 法隆寺を支えた木(NHKブックス)をぜひ読んでください。

The wooden characteristic is an enviroment similar to the enviroment into which the tree grew, and the maintainable thing
is proved by Horyuji Temple by using it in the long-life life beyond the age of a tree of the tree.

World heritage South Gate in Horyuji Temple
Why is the lower end of the pillar narrow?
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The two-story building log house of Finland
The beauty of the log house of Finland and the high level of technical capabilities are in the culture always united with natural environment.

The entrance for inspection is located on the back side.

The Base foundation uses the granite of an natural stone taking advantage of the geographical feature of this local.

Culture of Finland Click a screen

In the ticket salerooms, the merch is also sold.

I can study the culture of Finland by groping for the history and natural environment. I take in the technology of Europe,
I would like to experience the more evolved construction style from now on, and to study it to new harmony of log house construction.

The interiority door is using the hinged door and sliding door representing Finland of a traditional design.
I respect tradition and the unity of a design and the similarity ( of the lock function are made,
and I match a Northern Europe Pine interior door, without selection of hardware also wavering.
I can perform exchange of the cylinder of a door and a sliding door on two screws.
Also in the direction of an opening handle, two keyholes can also be settled easily.
here is a big difference with a Japanese key Manufacturer's non-similarity. Naturally a manufacturing cost is also different.